The ESNcard is the symbol of a new generation of students: mobile, active and successful!

It offers not only great discounts to young people across Europe, but also gives them access to information, culture, education, careers, mobility, and fun.

You can become a member of ESN Gent for €15. Due to the current pandemic, unfortunately we can only sell ESNcards online.

Luckily, buying an ESNcard online is simple, and takes only two steps:

  1. Fill in the pre-registration form:
  2. Then, fill in the off-campus distribution form:

Once you have done that, you will receive your ESNcard code via email. After that, you can make arrangements via email to pick up your physical copy!

However, we are only allowed to sell ESNcards to incoming exchange students in Gent. For outgoing students from Gent, you can buy the ESNcard from the local ESN section of the university at your Erasmus destination.

Once you've bought an ESNcard, you have to register it at Sign up, fill in your account details, and you're good to go!

For a step-by-step guide for the Ryanair Registration, click here.

What do you get in return? Our ESNcard will provide you with the following discounts:
☑ Free entrance to our parties
☑ Access to our trips and special activities (insurance reasons)
☑ Promos during our parties and club nights at Twitch and Porter House.
☑ Hostel Uppelink: 10% discount on direct bookings upon showing your card.
☑ Kayaks Korenlei: 10% discount on kayak rental upon showing your card.
☑ Patrick Foley's: €1,5 for standard beer, €3 for pint-sized beer. €10 for a classic burger (Sunday-Wednesday) upon showing your card.
☑ Jims fitness: no subscription fee.
☑ Hostelling International: free membership with your ESNcard. With the Hostelling International membership ESNcard holders can get 10% discount in over 4.000 unique hostels in 91 countries as well as thousands of other local and national discounts around the world.
☑ The Economist: 20% discount on subscriptions
☑ Jnuine: 20% discount on all printed photobooks.
☑ Ryanair: 10% off flights, free 20 kg checked-in bag.
☑ Ultimate Ears: 35% off all UE wireless speakers
☑ FlixBus: 10% discount voucher. (Only valid until 15 April)
☑ Eurosender: 10% discount.
☑ Mayana: free toppings or brownies when ordering a hot chocolate. Possibility to play a dice game to get a free chocolate cocktail
☑ GhentMUN: always early bird package price with an ESNcard instead of full price