As mentioned before, the most famous party street in Gent is the Overpoortstraat. We will see you there often, very often, because every night there is a “party night”! It’s possible to go for a nice and easy drink there as well, but around midnight, it will become quite hard to resist some foot-tapping, hands-clapping and hip-shaking. We won’t sum up all the pubs in this street, but we’re sure you will know in no time when and where all the happy hours are ;-)


There are, however, other options than the pubs in Overpoortstraat. To begin with, there is Decadance. Although it is also situated in the same street, very near our beloved The Porter House, it can be called a proper club. That’s why you won’t get in for free. You mostly have to pay around 5 euro to get in, but in exchange, Decadance offers three rooms with three different styles of music (it’s a challenge to find the third room!) and frequently some famous DJs playing in the main room. Check out the website to know what kind of music will be played on the night you want to go:


A little outside the centre of Gent, you can find Culture Club. This club has also three rooms with daily changing styles of music, so you’ll definitely find your liking here! Every Thursday, there is student night with beers for only 1€ and free bus service from Sint-Pietersplein to the club! So no excuse to say no to a Thursday night in Culture Club! Even in the weekends, students get a discount on the entrance fee, so make sure to bring your student card! One remark: people dress rather stylish here, so think about this when choosing your party outfit (entrance will be refused if you’re wearing shorts, for example). More information can be found at