Okay there Newbies…there are 8 very important rules you have to keep in mind if you ever want to have the Erasmus experience you always wanted...

Rule nr. 1: When you see an ESN board member in any bar (but especially in The Porter House), you will never, ever, pass them by without greeting them in a friendly manner and buying them a beer, irrespective of the degree of drunkenness they already find themselves in! Because, in the end, there’s always room for just 1 more.

Rule nr. 2: The breaking of rule number 1 is unforgivable and will neither be tolerated nor forgiven!

Rule nr. 3: Erasmus students must always be dressed in their best outfits if they are going out and there exists even the slightest chance of meeting ESN board members that night.

Rule nr. 4: One shall forget and forgive anything the ESN team could have said or done to you during the Famous ESN Weekend in the Ardennes.

Rule nr. 5: Taking pictures of the ESN Team after midnight is strictly forbidden, unless a mutual arrangement of any kind has let the team to allow you to break this very important rule.

Rule nr. 6: Because the ESN Team aspires to rule Belgium one day, no pictures can be taken that can put this political career on the line (yes, this includes the excessive use of alcohol, any crazy dance moves,...!!)

Rule nr. 7: The posting of such kind of pictures on Facebook is even more unacceptable. Violators to this rule will be hunted down and punished so hard they wished they chose Iraq as their Erasmus destination.

Rule nr. 8: Remembering these simple rules will give you nothing but joy, love and success during your Erasmus stay in Gent!!