With a successful first edition in the rear view mirror, ESN Gent is organising a second edition of the City Game!

If you couldn’t make it to the first edition due to a mandatory quarantine, lack of an open spot or any other reason, then this is your ideal chance to enjoy the City Game!

Classes have begun, most students have settled in and, to many, the city seems a lot less unfamiliar than before. If you haven't yet, this is the right time to explore the city in detail. Five people per team go on an adventure throughout Ghent, searching for answers to the most sensational questions, performing amusing tasks and taking pictures of the whole experience, all while slowly getting acquainted with various parts of it.

Do you wish to discover Ghent in a corona-proof format? Don't hesitate to sign up!

WHEN? Saturday, 4th of October, 13h00

WHERE? Sint-Pietersplein

HOW TO REGISTER? Sign up via this link

We request all attendees to respect COVID-19 guidelines, requiring everyone to keep a distance of 1,5m and wear a mask at all times!

We hope to see you there!
The ESN Gent team

04/10/2020 - 13:00 to 16:00