Due to COVID-19 measures, our office has relocated for the time being to the following location:

  • Campus: Tweekerken (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration) NOT in Therminal!
  • Building: Hoveniersberg
  • Auditorium: Lucien De Smet (ground floor)

How to get to the building?

Make your way to a street named Hoveniersberg. This is a narrow street that connects to the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 105 if you can’t find the exact location). Once you’re in Hoveniersberg (street), you will notice coloured lines on the ground. Follow the street all the way down until you reach a stairwell.

After the first flight of stairs you will be standing in front of the entrance to the Hoveniersberg building.

How to get to the room?

Plan building: https://www.ugent.be/lw/uct/nl/praktisch/wegbeschrijvingen/leslokalen/pd... (Lucien De Smet is nr. 13!)

Route (pictures): https://www.ugent.be/lw/uct/nl/praktisch/wegbeschrijvingen/leslokalen/pd...

Please contact us on Telegram or Facebook if you can't find our office, we'll help you find it!