Milano Hussein




Hélène Penninck

Vice President & Treasurer

Went to Paris (France), San Diego (USA) and Vancouver (Canada)




Jasmien Van Hulle

Vice President & Local Representative

Went to Padua (Italy)



Pauline Menten

Vice President & Projects Manager

Went to New Delhi (India) and Kraków (Poland)



Fien Henderickx

Secretary & IT Manager

Went to Valencia (Spain)






Aidin Pouja

Communication Manager 





Irem Uğur

Communication Manager

Currently on exchange in Ghent (Belgium)



Morgane Verhoeven
Events Coordinator





Robbert Joye

Events Coordinator

Went to Graz (Austria)



Tenzin Namjal

Sports Coordinator




Iris Lietaert

Trips Coordinator

Went to Rome (Italy)




Betul Altin

Trips Coordinator