When showing a valid ESNcard, you'll get the following prices:

Valid on Sunday-, Monday- and Tuesday evening

  • Half liter of standard beer(Cristal/ Belgoo Hoppy Pils*) = 4,00 €
  • Half a liter of any other draught beer = 5,50 €
  • Beer board with 4 degustation glasses = 7,50 €
  • During these evenings, Bier Central will provide some chips and any other snacks on the table according to the specials of the day. (FREE by ordering one of the above-mentioned beers)

*This is a hoppy artisan full malt lager with barley and wheat and a rich dose of fine aromatic hops. It's unfiltered and pure and of course brewed with passion.

Valid all days: 

  • 15% discount on food