In Gent, there are about 320 cafés/ bars. For a pretty small town like this, this fact is an immediate example of our beloved beer drinking culture. If you want to discover it all, get yourself a café-plan and get started… I’m sure that if you ask your dearest ESN-board members for some advice, they’ll all have their own favourites. But there are also some zones in town every student knows:


Looking for a party where you can get wasted, dance and have a lot of fun? In that case, Overpoort is the place to be. If you have never seen a long street where every house is a bar, this is your first area to visit. Dead during daytime, more and more alive as the night proceeds. Nice detail: most pubs here don’t close before 6 o’clock in the morning. And most of those stay open as long as there are people inside. Don’t be surprised that if you keep partying, daylight will be on by the time you leave. And don’t be surprised when you’re not the only one to still be there…


This area is the scenery where most ESN-parties will take place. First of all, there’s The Porter’s House. In this pub, hidden in one of the side-arms of the Overpoortstraat, you’ll always find an ESN-member. Especially on Wednesday evenings, or on other days when there is Duvel promotion or when other special beers are offered at a cheap price, this place will be crowded and breathing international atmospheres. But of course we need you guys to realize that!


Pi-Nuts is a real student pub and is located at Sint-Pietersplein (Graaf Arnulfstraat 8). It is open every day from 9 in the morning until…  Every Monday and Tuesday, there is a happy hour from 24h -1h.


While at weekdays Overpoort is the place to be, at weekends locals move to Vlasmarkt to party. Here, you’ll find a couple of well-known pubs together and, from time to time, people waiting on the street to get in. These pubs are a lot bigger than in the rest of town, and some even have multiple party rooms…
After all this partying, there’s always a time you need to rest. And what better place to have a nice time off than a terrace in the afternoon sun? Around Vrijdagsmarkt, Korenmarkt and Graslei, there are some tea-rooms with (sometimes large) terraces to drink another beer, which, some say, is the best remedy against a nasty hangover...

And last but not least, between Zuid and Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat there are some cafés with a nice atmosphere, such as some world cafés and Vooruit Café. For other curiosities, find yourself a small street that has a café in it, or a remote part of town where the only thing to do is that particular café, and be prepared to get surprised!