ESN Gent has its own office in the Therminal at Hoveniersberg 24. You can find us there during the academic year, every Tuesday and Thursday between 19h and 21h (not during the exams or the holidays though, then the office is closed!). You can come to us with a problem, to buy a card, to subscribe for an activity, to buy us a drink…

Current office

Due to COVID-19 measures, our office has relocated for the time being to the following location:

  • Campus: Tweekerken
  • Building: Hoveniersberg
  • Auditorium: Lucien De Smet (ground floor)

To make sure you all can reach us well, you can read the following paragraph for a detailed explanation on how to get there:

Make your way to a street named Hoveniersberg. This is a narrow street that connects to the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 105 if you can’t find the exact location). Once you’re in Hoveniersberg (street), you will notice coloured lines on the ground. Follow the street all the way down until you reach a stairwell.
After the first flight of stairs you will be standing in front of the entrance to the Hoveniersberg building. Continue to follow the red line until it turns right into a door.
Instead of going right into the door, keep heading straight along the building. Around the corner you will see our office. The entrance is through one of the windows.

Old office

Unfortunately our office is quite difficult to find without some directions so here we go…
First you have to find the student house called the Therminal. This is located in Hoveniersberg next to the faculty of Economics. Hoveniersberg is a small street in Sintpietersnieuwstraat, it's on your right if you’re coming from Sint Pieters square.

On the corner there is a blood donation center. You walk down to the end of Hoveniersberg and you take the stairs down. On your right there is the faculty of Economics, on your left you see the Therminal (see picture). Aha!

Once inside the Therminal, you go to the left. You pass the computer room and open the door. Afterwards you turn right, and then go to the door on your left. Congratulations! You found us!

You can also look at the map, or watch the video below on how to reach us!

You can also follow ESN Gent on Facebook or join the Facebook group ESN Gent 2021-2022.