Joachim Bonte


Went to Riihimäki (Finland)



Damieta Rutters


Went to Seoul (South Korea)



Matthias Geenens

Partnership Manager

Went to Aarhus (Denmark)



Brecht Smekens

IT Manager

Went to Zaragoza (Spain)



Louise Roussel

Communication Manager

Went to Granada (Spain)



Jolien Evaert

Communication Manager

Went to Zagreb (Croatia)



Marijn Wittevrongel


Went to Münster (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland)



Xander Dejonckheere

Local Representative

Went to Pisa (Italy) and Paraguay




Party Coordinator

Will go to Valencia (Spain)



Rei Jashari

Party Coordinator

Went to Calgary (Canada)



Pauline Menten

Trip Coordinator

Went to Krakow (Poland) and New Delhi (India)



Hélène Penninck

Trip Coordinator




Siem Buseyne

Project Coordinator

Went to Cuenca (Spain)



Jessica Van Enis

Event Coordinator

Went to Barcelona (Spain)



Lisa Gyselinck

Event Coordinator

Went to Stockholm (Sweden)



Anthony Van Herck

Sports Coordinator

Went to Germany