Dear Students,
We are pleased to announce that from September 14 to September 28, we have partnered with to offer a unique transportation deal for incoming students arriving FROM Charleroi Airport.
Kindly note that if you intend to utilize the shuttle bus service from the airport, please refrain from booking through the platform during this specified timeframe. Instead, we request that you fill in the form below so we can arrange for you to receive a voucher.
What is Included in the Offer?
In collaboration with, we are extending a special discount rate of 35% as opposed to the standard 20% for all ESNcard holders traveling FROM Charleroi-Airport to Gent.
If you have not yet acquired an ESNcard, you may place an order through the following link below this message!
Please be advised that without an ESNcard, the provision of a voucher will not be possible.

We acknowledge that there may be students who are unable to complete a bank transfer due to the financial regulations in their home countries. If you believe you fall under this category, please contact us via email so we can collaboratively explore alternative solutions.

Additional Information:
For those students who will be traveling TO Charleroi-Airport, the standard voucher process through the platform remains applicable.
Don't have an ESNcard yet?
Order your ESNcard here*
*Once we receive your payment and you get your ESNcard number, you can fill in the form below to obtain your 35% voucher!
Want a voucher?**
Fill in this form below;
**Only with an ESNcard (see up)
Should you have any questions or require further clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to us.