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Nillies Party

Hi there party people! Get your flip phones ready, unleash your inner Britney and dance to the irresistible beats of the Nillies. On Friday the 3rd of May we’re transporting ourselves back to the 2000s at our Nillies Party! So dust of your low-rise jeans and let’s party like it’s 2004!


The cocktail of the night is Vodka O for €3 with ESNcard and €5 without.

📍 ‘t Kofschip 
🗓 3rd of May 2024 
⏰ 11 PM 
💰 Free entrance with VALID ESNcard 
🥃 €3 with VALID ESNcard, €5 without ESNcard for Vodka O
👕Y2K fashion

‼Make sure to bring CASH, because we don’t accept cards‼ 

⚠Make sure your ESNcard is VALID, all info must be filled in + a PICTURE of yourself⚠ 

📣 Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach! 
📣 Don’t forget to drink enough water! FREE water will be provided at the party!! 
📣Don’t feel safe? Find someone with a blue sash, or order an Angel Shot at our ESNbar!