Dear students/volunteers
We need your help to make Ghent the Erasmus+ destination of the year! To achieve this, we need to submit as many tips about Ghent on the Erasmus+ App as possible. You have the opportunity to share tips about the university/social life in Ghent to help future Erasmus students in our lovely city. This is what ESN is about: students helping students heart
What’s in it for you?
Every month, three winners are selected among the people who submitted tips for Amazon vouchers with a value of 50 euros. At the end of the campaign, three winners will be selected for an interrail voucher of 250 euros each!
How can you submit a tip?
Submitting a tip is extremely easy: you just need to go to share your knowledge and ideas about your city!
In order to submit tips, you will have to create an account - you can do that through your academic account from your University, or by creating a EUlogin account if you do not have one. It will only take a few minutes!
Who can submit a tip?
Current Erasmus students in Ghent, outgoing students, volunteers and Erasmus alumni!
Please submit your tips before the 20th of March!
Thank you in advance,
Your ESN Gent team