Flibco.com supports Erasmus students to travel the world and live new adventures!

Flibco.com is the European specialist for transport solutions to and from airports.  Using real-time flight schedules, we make sure to pick you up exactly when needed. By using flibco.com you can help in reducing the amount of vehicles on the road. Traveling together will help to minimize the impact on the environment. Fair-priced, Flibco.com gives you time to do exactly what you wish, listen to music, sleep, or work. Enjoy a comfortable journey with plentiful legroom and space for any type of luggage.

Do you want to start your adventure right now?  Discover the best way to get to the main European airports on our website or on our mobile app. Flibco.com provides you a personalized transportation service at a low price.

How does it work?

  1. Log in with your ESNcard account on the esncard.org site.
  2. Claim your voucher
  3. Look for your shuttle bus on their website or mobile app.
  4. Put your discount code at the end of the booking process and get 20% off. 1 voucher can be used 4 times.
  5. Start your adventure!

Terms & Conditions
* Every ESN member can benefit from 1 voucher.
* Each code can be used four times.
* You can only use the codes for the Flibco.com shuttle bus services.
* Vouchers are valid for the lines Gent-Charleroi, Gent – Zaventem, Lille- Charleroi, Lille – Zaventem and Brussels-Charleroi (both ways).
* The voucher expires on 31.07.2023.
* The voucher cannot be combined with other promotions.
* Adding the promo code to a previously made booking is not possible.

Travel safe!

Because flibco.com cares about the health and safety of its passengers and staff, safety measures have been established to ensure hygiene and safety during your journey. Check them out here.