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Ryanair Registration

A Guide how to get your ryanair discount.


How to get the discount



Key points of the offer

  • 10% off Value fare + 1 free 20kg Check-in Bag
  • Book up to 4 flights from 1 Sep to 15 Jun (offer applies to tickets booked at least 28 days in advance)
  • Your ESNcard must be valid on the flight booking date and travel date(s) in order to avail of this offer

How can you get your Ryanair discount?

  1. Sign up at
  2. Sign up or log in to your account.
  3. Add your personal details in the “Erasmus” tab of myRyanair dashboard. Remember to match them with your ESNcard profile data.
  4. Wait for data validation. It may take some time.
  5. After your data has been validated, you are ready to go! Remember to use the booking widget at the bottom of the Erasmus tab.


  • Check if you registered your ESNcard both on as well as on your Ryanair account.
  • Check if all your personal data are written exactly the same way on both platforms (errors,  capitalised letters and accents).
  • Home university is the university back in your country, host university is where you are  spending your Erasmus+ exchange.
  • Remember to register your ESNcard on your account first.
  • Check if you filled out the ESN section field on your profile correctly.
  • Always save any changes made on by clicking the “save” button – remember to update these details on your Ryanair account as well.
  • If all this fails to resolve your problem, try using a different browser or change your home university for a different one.

Common problems

  • The card is already in use:
    • If you get this message, it probably means that your card is used on another MyRyanair account created by you – please check before continuing.
  • Ryanair says that ESN’s verification system has failed to verify my ESNcard:
    • Make sure that your personal details are the same on both websites. Remember to save after making any changes. Additionally, sometimes the problem may be found on Ryanair’s side. Please be patient. We are working together on the solution.