Last update: 10/02/2022


Buzzy Pazz

People who take the bus or tram several times a week should choose a travel pass. The Buzzy Pazz is a pass for young people up to 24 years old. With a Buzzy Pazz you have unlimited travel on all scheduled transport of De Lijn in Flanders (except on the Limburg express lines).

Validity period Price 12-24 years old
1 month € 33.00
3 months € 81.00
12 months € 215.00

 + €5 administration cost (MOBIB)


The Omnipas is a network travel pass valid on all buses and trams of De Lijn (except on the Limburg express lines) for people over 25.

Validity period Price 25-59 years old
1 month € 49.00
3 months € 132.00
12 months € 339.00

 + €5 administration cost (MOBIB)

How do I buy or extend it?

  • In the Lijnwinkel
    You present your identity card, pay and take your pass with you immediately. To save time you can download the Buzzy Pazz or Omnipas application form from in advance. You are always free to choose the start date of your pass. If you are buying a new pass, then the start date can be a maximum of 100 days in the future.
  • Payment via the bank
    Once you have a pass, we will send you a letter about a month before  the expiry date of your pass for the extension. If De Lijn has already sent you a bank transfer  form then you can renew your current pass by making the payment. After registration of your payment, will be sent a new pass within seven days. If you would like to change the start date or period of validity of your pass, contact the Pass Department before making the payment.

How to use it?
Every time you board you show the driver your pass. You must always be able to show your travel pass and ID card during a ticket inspection.

Combined travel passes De Lijn - NMBS

You can buy a travel pass in every NMBS-station for train travel combined with a network travel pass from De Lijn.

Prices for the 'De Lijn supplement network'
  Buzzy Pass Omnipas
1 month € 29.00 € 45.00
3 months € 67.00 € 118.00
12 months € 175.00 € 299.00

Lijn card (€16 - trip price €1,60)

If you take the bus or tram now and then, choose a Lijn card. With a Lijn card you can make several journeys.

How to use it? Every time you get on or transfer, you must validate your ticket. If several people use the same Lijn card then you must validate for each person. If the valid duration (60 minutes) expires while you are on the vehicle, you may end the journey. So you do not have to get off nor buy another ticket.

Where can you purchase one?

  • Presale point e.g. newsagents, supermarkets, railway stations, service stations
  • Automated ticket machine (at tram stops, major bus stations)
  • Lijnwinkel
  • NOT for sale on the bus or tram


Single ticket (€2,50)

If you only take the tram or bus a few times a year, it's best to purchase a ticket. A ticket is valid for a single journey, with a transfer if necessary.

How to use it?
You must validate your ticket every time you get on or transfer. The single ticket will give a timed price of 60 minutes within which you can make unlimited changes. After 60 minutes you can complete your journey, but can no longer change.
Where can you purchase one?

  • Automated ticket machine
  • Lijnwinkel
  • From the driver on the bus or tram


SMS ticket (SMS ticket price €2,50 + communication fee €0,15-0,35)

Most mobile phone operators provide the option of buying an SMS-ticket for De Lijn. You should buy one ticket per person. For several people you can pay using the same mobile phone, if you keep it with you for the entire trip. Sms the order code DL to the short number 4884.

  1. You will receive a confirmation SMS that is valid as a ticket for travel.
  2. The SMS ticket is invoiced via the mobile phone bill or deducted from the calling credit.
  3. During the period of validity (60 minutes) of the SMS ticket there is no restriction on changes. If the trip takes longer, you will have to buy a new SMS ticket or another type of ticket.

Day pass (1 or 3 days)

A day pass or multiple days pass is the cheapest ticket if you travel with our buses or trams frequently for 1 or several consecutive days.

(presale: Lijnwinkel, some automated ticket machines, newsagents/supermarkets...)
Type Presale On bus or tram
Day pass € 7.50 € 8.00
Three day pass € 15.00 not available

Group ticket (+10 people)

The group ticket is intended for groups of ten or more who travel together for the entire journey. We always ask that you avoid peak times. Travelling in groups is therefore best after 08:45 a.m. and not between 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Journey price per person Period of validity
€ 1.60 60 minutes

Where can you purchase one?

  • Lijnwinkel
  • From the driver on the bus or tram



Almost every student in Ghent has his/her own bike. It’s the easiest, fastest and cheapest way of transportation if you stay close to Ghent. Of course, for you it’s not so easy to bring your bicycle, so here are some very good places to rent a bike. Because your bike will mean everything to you while you’re in Gent, this information might be helpful!

Donkey Republic

Donkey Republic is a global bike-sharing system, that allows its riders to unlock bikes with the Donkey Republic app in 70+ cities across the Netherlands and Europe.

You can take a Donkey for short trips to your destination or keep the bike for multiple hours to run errands in the city. Book a bike on our app, subscribe for a monthly membership or lease your bike: it's only up to you! With hundreds of bikes and dozens of pick-up and drop-off locations in town, you will always find a bike around you. With Donkey Republic, students can move around with flexibility, bringing some sustainability concerns into their life and using one of the most affordable urban mobility systems.

Wanna know the best part of it? As an ESN member, you can benefit from special discounts up to 50%


De Fietsambassade

Studentenmobiliteit vzw, Kattenberg 2, 9000 Gent
tel: 00329 269 18 98

Studentenmobiliteit is a second place to rent a bike. Here there's no repair service, but don’t panic! If something happens, you can go to one of the repair services of the University or Hogescholen. There you can repair your bike yourself, using the repair shop's tools and/or buy new parts at very reasonable prices. There's always someone at hand to help and advise you.

  • Bicycle Repair Shop Gent Sint-Pieters (Voskenslaan 27) - Open: Monday - Friday 7h00 - 19h00
  • Bicycle Repair Shop Kattenberg (Kattenberg 2) - Open: Mondays & Tuesdays, 8h30 - 12h15 & 13h - 16h15, Wednesdays 8h30 - 12h15, Thursdays 8h30h - 12h15 & 13h - 17h45.
  • Bicycle Repair Shop Dampoort (Oktrooiplein 10) - Open: Monday - Friday 7h00-19h00
  • Bicycle Repair Shop Onder De Krook (Miriam Makebaplein 1, floor -2) - Open: Monday - Friday 9h00 - 17h00, Saturday 10h00 - 18h00, Sunday 10h00 - 18h00 (only rental, no repair on Sunday)