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Buddy Program

Gent can be quite challenging when you arrive. And it can even be quite challenging to get to. Are you worried about getting to Gent?


Join us!


The Buddy Program is designed especially to introduce Erasmus students to the city, the places to go out and to integrate them in the Belgian way of life.

Studying abroad in Gent is a big adventure, and meeting someone from the local community early on can help make that adventure start smoothly. Do you need some help to find information about accommodation, the university, or local life? Do you want to have someone to discover Gent with upon your arrival? Or do you want to meet new people?

Then the ESN Buddy system will come in handy!

Once you have signed up to the system, you will be matched with a local student, based on where you'll study, and general interests. They can help you get information beforehand, and welcome you in the city when you arrive.

Later on, they can take you to see the city, recommend the best spots in Gent, and introduce you to Belgian student life.

We wish you a lot of fun, and hope you can learn from each other's cultures and languages!

Signing up to the buddy system can be done here: