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What do we do?

ESN supports exchange students before, during and after their exchange. By taking care of the whole experience of studying abroad, we can make your exchange experience easier and much more exciting.




The first step for going for an exchange is to get the right information. ESN provides information about academic exchange programs (Why study abroad?), but also about the practical issues connected to the stay (accommodation, help with administration, costs of living etc).

Before going on exchange, contact the local ESN Section of the host university, surf on their website and ask about any detail you need.

If you cannot go on exchange for any reason, you might get international experience at home by joining us! In this way you will be able to get to know international people, brush up your language skills and prepare yourself for entering in a second moment the international environment.



The main task of ESN is to improve the social integration of exchange students and represent their needs and expectations. 554 ESN Sections around Europe organize an infinite number of activities for foreign guests in order to integrate them in local community and support them in any need.

ESN Gent tries to do all kind of activities, at least one or two every week. Some activities are open for everybody but often you have to be a member to be able to join us. How to become a member? Buy the ESNcard!

We organize...

  • city trips to Bruges, Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, ...
  • cultural activities like museum visits and much more!
  • sports: football, ice-skating, bowling,...
  • the Welcome Days and party
  • weekends inside and outside of Belgium
  • movie and other nights
  • brewery visits
  • parties
  • ...

We keep you informed about our events by sending you an email if you’re on our list. If you're not a member (but soon you will be, we hope) you can see what we have planned on the event page on this site or on our Facebook!



You have an opportunity to express your opinion about the exchange experience by taking part in the ESNSurvey. Your comments will be passed to the European Commission, Universities and other stakeholders.
Those students who are returning from exchange are supported in the at times challenging reintegration process in their home countries by ESN, that gives the opportunity to continue to live the exciting international experience.
Many local sections are set up by former exchange students. If you want to join an ESN Section, just find one in your city. If there is no ESN section yet, nothing easier and more intriguing than starting a local section with your friends and other former exchange students.